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We've finally got around to writing How to Create a Great B and B – the book - so that we can share a few tips and some of our finest moments with you.
Having been struck with the initial lightning bolt of inspiration in 2015; having worked like a man-possessed for ten exhilarating months; having opened the doors to my dream B and B in July 2016; and having received a wonderful review from a top New York Times critic in 2019… there are many uplifting details of this incredible journey that I would love to share with you.
If you have a dream to run your own B and B, let me encourage you to dive right in!
My girlfriend, Sara Verrall, is the author of this book. She has captured the essence of how we transformed this house to her original beauty, with a generous handful of entertaining steps and stories happening along the way.
This book is not only for anyone who wants to run a B andB. It is also for anyone who dreams of following their dream and just needs a few more facts, and perhaps a gentle push, to get the ball rolling. Because once it starts rolling we think you'll feel better to be standing on top, even if your feet are running faster than you ever could imagine.
Our hope is that this honest perspective of the hosting lifestyle will answer many questions and remove any hesitation you might be feeling. Challenges can be exhausting and demanding, but – as we all know - the exhilaration of achievement can be addictive!
Our advice is given in the true spirit of sharing. Please take what you will from these pages, and we wish you every success with whatever path you choose to pursue.

Janne and Sara
August 2022

How to Create a Great B and B paperback book and e-book are now available on all Amazon and Kindle websites, with the audiobook released shortly after – of course.
Book. How to create a Great B&B

And here is the translation of the book into French. It is available to purchase either directly from us at Rue Galilee B&B when you come to visit, or via

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 Book How to create a Great B&B