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Marseillan is one of the oldest villages in France, 50km west of Montpellier, in the Hérault department in southern France. Marseillan sits on a large lagoon, the Étang de Thau, and is the southern entry port for the Canal du Midi. The port itself was created by the Romans; their retiring legionnaires took pockets of land for vineyards; and the town was quickly established as a fine Rest and Recreation centre … Those Romans certainly knew what they were doing! 
Our town has always enjoyed a thriving lifestyle of eating deliciously fresh seafoods, trading in fine wines and taking good care of her visitors. These are habits we intend to keep, too!
We think a visit to Marseillan would be incomplete without visiting the famous Noilly Prat vermouth distillery by the harbour, in the centre of town. We can mix one of our speciality cocktails for you at our Bar, to give you a taster … then you can decide which you prefer.
And days spent on the wide, golden, sandy beaches of the Mediterranean are never wasted days, whether you pack a picnic or chill out on a lounger at one of the feature bars tucked at the back of the dunes. An easy distance from your Rue Galilee temporary home-from-home, and a fine place to watch the sun go down …
There's a mix of festivals, music and " general good fun" activities going on around town throughout the season; we will have the current brochure of events available in the lobby for you to peruse, but here's a list to give you an idea of the range of attractions. Which will become your personal favourites? There's so much to discover …
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