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If you are looking for a way to make your stay at Rue Galilee even more special, we are offering an upgrade which adds roses *, sparkling wine and chocolates to your booking.
Simply click on the "Romance Upgrade" option after choosing your room, and for just 35 euros extra you can raise the luxury level a touch higher. We think our rooms are pretty special anyway, each with their own glistening chandelier and fabulously comfortable Carpe Diem beds, great pillows, flouncy duvets and fresh cotton sheets ... but sometimes it can be fun to improve on perfection.
Take advantage of this special House Guests Package to create a little extra magic for your birthday or anniversary celebrations; or "just because ..."
We won't ask why, and if you would like to come down a little later for breakfast in the morning, we will accommodate that too!

Rue Galilee; bringing back the spring in your step and the sparkle in your eyes.

* if roses are not available, other suitable fresh flowers will be provided